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Marriage and Individual Intensives

Marriage Intensives
I also offer one, two, or three day Marriage Intensives at my Tampa offices. Unlike many Intensive programs, I only work with one couple at a time.  Typically, couples stay at a local hotel and I see them in a number of double sessions(90 minutes). It could be one double session or two per day. The cost is the same as my regular therapy sessions: $170 per 45 minute hour. Intensives take place during my normal work week(Monday through Friday), not on weekends. My typical intensive is four double sessions over two days: on each day, one morning session and one afternoon session.  I only accept credit cards or cash for an intensive.
Once you have scheduled your intensive, you pay a $340 deposit via your credit card.  If you come to the intensive, this deposit is applied to the cost of your intensive.  If you cancel at least 7 days before the intensive, the deposit is refunded.  If you cancel less than 7 days before, the deposit is not refunded.
Getting out of town and away from life's distractions helps you focus intently on your marriage. Real breakthroughs can be achieved.
Often, a couple will come for an intensive after reading one of my books on troubled marriages: I Don't Love You Anymore(recovery from serious marital sin such as adultery), I Don't Want a Divorce(how to rebuild a broken marriage), or Married But Lonely(no serious marital sin, but a marriage with low or zero intimacy). If you want to know how I work with couples, read these books.
I am an active and directive therapist. I will, with God's guidance, tell you what to do. I will give you homework assignments. I offer Biblical, practical solutions to difficult relationship problems. I will work to clarify the main marital issues, develop a plan, and start you on that plan. You will then follow up with a Christian therapist in your local area.
Individual Intensives
I also see individuals in one, two, or three day Intensives.  There are times when it's best to focus on yourself and achieve personal breakthroughs. The scheduling, format, and pricing for these intensives is the same as for my Marriage Intensives.
Here are five common scenarios I work with in my Individual Intensives: 
1. Your Spouse Won't Stop Sinning.
     You need to get angry and put into place a Biblical, tough love strategy.  You will be empowered
     and my action steps may shake up your wayward spouse and bring him/her back to God and you.
2. You Have Sinned Bigtime And Are About To Lose Your Spouse.
     It's vital for you to uncover the sources of your sin, get into recovery from your sin, avoid the
     classic mistakes most spouses in your situation make, and take steps that will give you the best
     chance to win back your spouse.
3. You Are Married To An Abusive Spouse.
     Enough is enough.  You and your children are being destroyed.  I can help you get strong
     emotionally and spiritually and follow a secret campaign to leave your abuser.  It will take time, but
     you can get out.  You will give your abuser an opportunity to change and win you back, but that
     will only happen when you are out and safe.
4. You Are Going Through A Divorce Or Are Already Divorced.
     You need to heal from the wounds inflicted by your spouse, examine your own mistakes in the
     marriage, and start building your new life.
5. You Have Persistent Personal Issues That You Are Finally Ready To Address.
     You have unresolved pain from previous relationships:  family of origin, ex-spouses, and others.
     You're tired of making the same old destructive mistakes in your personal life and relationships.
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Dr. Clarke on Focus on the Family. Click here to listen.
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