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Interested in bringing a seminar to your church or community?
20 Years of Practical Advice. Biblical. Entertaining. Proven.
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Maximize Impact on Marriage and Community Outreach
Are you a church that intentionally reaches unchurched people? Do you want an event that meets people, believers or not, where they are? Do you need to know that the content is proven and the concepts presented work? If the answers are yes, let's visit more.



Dave can present in a variety of formats:  Friday Eve, Sat AM(9-Noon); Saturday(9-2); or, Sunday AM Worship Services and a 4-7 PM Seminar. 



It is suggested your church then offers "next steps" messages and follow-up. The primary goal is to strengthen marriages. The secondary goal is to help people start and grow in their relationship with Christ.
Call or email Sandy Clarke(Dave's lovely wife and assistant):  813-879-4927 or    
"David uses humor to grab your attention, word pictures to burn a lesson into your memory, and an open, genuine, caring demeanor to teach you something valuable without you knowing you've been taught."
Eric D. Meyer, Pastor
Tampa Covenant Church, Tampa, Florida
"David has a humorous yet penetrating style of communication, which leaves the audience coming back for more. . . My ribs are still sore from my wife's acknowledgement elbow as she confirmed David's keen insight about men."
Mark Calcagno, Pastor
Cornerstone Fellowship, Livermore, California
Seminar 1: Kiss Me Like You Mean It

How do you create a lasting, intimate love with a member of the opposite sex? Hundreds of relationship experts have produced an avalanche of answers to this critical question. The trouble is, which answers are the right answers? To add to the confusion, many of these so-called experts keep failing in their own relationships.
There is one expert whose advice for couples actually works. He created marriage. He created man and woman. He is God and He knows what He's talking about. To hear God's strategy for success in marriage-from the Song of Solomon- come to Dr. David Clarke's Kiss Me Like You Mean It Marriage Seminar.
Topic Include:
  • Maw and Paw at the Ranch(romance, playfulness)
  • What God Says to Husbands(the Biblical role of the Husband)
  • What God Says to Wives(the Biblical role of the Wife)
Seminar 2: Married. . . with Passion
Is your marriage boring you to death? Are you stuck in the same old rut,  repeating the same old behaviors over and over and over? Learn how to rejuvenate your marriage and find the lasting passion God wants you to enjoy. Leave the boredom behind and adventure into a new life of emotional, sexual, and spiritual oneness!
Topics Include:
  • Married. . . with Passion(romance)
  • It's All in Your Mind, Sweetheart(communication)
  • Plugged into the Power(reading the Bible as a couple)
Seminar 3: A Marriage After God's Own Heart
Why are men lousy listeners? Why do women lose interest in sex? What causes the death of romance? Why do spouses quit on marriages?
What does it take for a couple to connect physically, emotionally, and spiritually? If you have questions about how to live in an understanding and intimate way with your partner, Dr. David Clarke has answers.
Learn to create conversations that are stimulating, personal, and revealing. Meet the real needs of your partner. Renew your commitment to each other.  Put God at the center of your relationship.
Topics Include:
  • Secrets of the Song(men listen, women praise)
  • The Top Ten Lame Excuses to End a Marriage(nonBiblical, bogus reasons for divorce)
  • A Marriage After God's Own Heart(how to spiritually bond as a couple)
Seminar 4: Winning The Parenting War
Life is difficult enough without children. Add children and you've got real trouble. As wonderful and precious as children are, they are also selfish and naturally gravitate to behaviors which are bad for them. And our society has plenty of bad behaviors for them to choose! Dr. David Clarke's workshop offers specific, how-to principles to help parents maintain their sanity and raise healthy kids. Designed for parents of newborns through teens.
Topics Include:
  • Building Christ-Centered Self-Esteem in Your Child(meet 5 critical needs) 
  • Who's in Charge? Discipline that Works!(Part 1 for younger kids, Part 2 for teens)
Seminar 5: Marriage Ministry In The Local Church
In this one day workshop, Dr. Clarke teaches the staff and leaders of a local church how to help couples avoid divorce and build healthy marriages. To stop couples from divorcing, every local church needs a strategic, comprehensive, and aggressive Marriage Battle Plan.
Topics Include:
  • Beat Burnout and Beat Satan by Being Balanced
  • The Problem with Ministry is the People!
  • A Marriage Battle Plan: My Top Ten Strategies
  • Helping Couples Change: The How-Tos of Marital Counseling
To contact David Clarke Seminars about hosting a seminar in your area, call or email us at:
(888) 516-8844
6505 N. Himes Avenue
Tampa, Fl 33614
Ask the Doctor: Email & Phone Advice
Weekly Marriage Blog. Subscribe Today!
Dr. Clarke on Focus on the Family. Click here to listen.
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